About the Author / Contact

A writer and scholar, Lynn explores the classrooms and beaches of Vancouver in search of clothes that dance in the wind—once spotting a line of clothes dancing on a line on the Burrard Street Bridge! Lynn tends to unexpected tugs on her sleeve that call her into presence.

Professor at Simon Fraser University, Lynn’s research addresses arts for social change, arts across the curriculum, performative inquiry, and performative writing. Lynn is co-editor of Arresting Hope and Releasing Hope, collections of writings by women who have been formerly incarcerated, and those who re-imagine ways of being in and out of prison. She is also co-editor of Exploring Curriculum: Performative Inquiry, Role Drama and Learning (available here for purchase) and author of Living Together: Unmarried Couples in Canada. Prior to SFU, Lynn taught at the University of British Columbia where she was academic editor of Educational Insights.

Contact: lynn_fels@sfu.ca